ABC Daytime premieres new 'What If' webisodes

LOS ANGELES "The idea is out of the box," said actress Susan Lucci. "From my experience, over the years fans have asked, 'Why not cross over storylines?'"

The innovative series will answer questions about what would happen if two characters from different soaps ran into each other.

Many daytime actors say they look forward to the crossover and working with other soap stars.

"I love Susan. It was even better than I expected because there was a tenderness that came out from both of us," said actor Maurice Benard. "She brought it out of me and I hope I brought it out of her. It really wasn't expected in the scene and I loved that."

In a 10-part series that will also air in cut-down-versions on ABC Daytime and SOAPnet, viewers will see well-known characters from "All My Children," "One Life to Live" and "General Hospital interact with one another.

"It was so much fun working with Maurice," said Lucci. "Maurice used to be on 'All My Children' a long time ago. I don't thing we've played scenes together. This was wonderful for me to work with Maurice. I loved it."

The ABC Daytime "What If" webisodes premiered on Monday, July 12.

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