Problems rise as Salton Sea water level drops

SALTON SEA, Calif. The 360-square mile sea is getting smaller, and that means several potential problems.

But besides all of the dead fish along the /*Salton Sea*/, there are other concerns.

As the water level continues to drop, that leaves behind particulates along the shoreline, and as high winds come through the area, that creates a number of health concerns all across the area.

According to the website, dust from a dry sea could spread from Oceanside to Phoenix, creating a variety of health problems.

It's another reason politicians around the area are scrambling to keep the sea from going dry, but many are doubtful it can be prevented.

"My own opinion is they will never be able to do anything successfully without spending millions of dollars," said Mike Greenberg of Sun City.

That means it could be a problem for quite some time, although most aren't too concerned about the air quality for the time being.

"I think it's terrible what's happening, but I don't think the quality of the air has affected the desert," said Sandy Ficks of nearby city Palm Desert.

Still, it's a problem that could very well be on the rise, as the water level continues to fall.

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