DiCaprio: 'Inception' is a unique experience

LOS ANGELES Leonardo DiCaprio teams up with director Christopher Nolan for his latest film, "Inception."

To call it indescribable is almost an understatement. In a nutshell, DiCaprio plays a man who is part of a "dream manipulation" team.

The film focuses on getting into our minds, our thoughts, our dreams and challenges moviegoers every step of the way.

That included the film's star.

"I didn't necessarily know what was going to be the end product, but I knew this was an extremely ambitious idea on his part," said DiCaprio. "Chris has got a great track record with this kind of stuff, so it makes it easier to take that leap of faith. He's an old fashion film maker and wants to submerge his audience within real set pieces. There was very little green screen."

DiCaprio says that when he saw the film for the first time he was on the edge of his seat.

"I saw a lot of the stuff and was there to experience a lot of it, but nothing could really prepare me for seeing these visuals up on a big screen. It was a completely unique experience," said DiCaprio. "I had six months of not doing any work while he was editing away. So I had forgotten a lot of the stuff. To be able to experience it like an audience member for the first time was riveting. I was on the edge of my seat."

"Inception" is rated PG-13 and is in theaters Friday.

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