Abducted L.A. girl found living in Ariz.

PHOENIX, Ariz Authorities said the girl, now seven years old, was taken from Norwalk during a noncustodial visitation when she was around one year old.

Investigators served a court order at a Phoenix home Wednesday and found the girl being hidden in a bathroom shower.

Investigators said she was scared but in good physical condition.

Authorities said the girl's name and birth date was changed and she did not attend school. She was living with people that were not her family.

The girl was positively identified using footprints, photographs and DNA.

She was flown back to California. It is not clear where she will be staying while in California.

Detectives from the /*Phoenix Police Department's Missing Persons Unit*/, the /*Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office*/ and the /*FBI*/ worked together on the case.

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