Dogs improve agility at the Zoom Room

CULVER CITY, Calif. Welcome to the Zoom Room, located in Culver City. It's a canine social club created just for dogs to work on their agility.

The class normally takes about 6 weeks, and training takes place on a mini obstacle course designed with various ramps and opportunities for jumps.

"They think of it as this incredibly athletic sport for high-voltage dogs, but at Zoom Room, we've made it super recreational," said Mark Van Wye of Zoom Room.

Dogs don't need experience to attend the Zoom Room. Small and large dogs alike start in the beginner class Agility 1.

ABC7's Alysha Del Valle brought her 5-year-old Chihuahua mix named Hunny to work on her skills, and the key may just be cookies.

Jamie Van Wye of the Zoom Room admits some dogs have a tough time even getting their paws onto the ramps, but with patience, hands-on guidance and lots of dog treats, they all eventually catch on.

Dogs weave through tall, slim poles, which improve canine dexterity. Alysha proudly looked on as Hunny easily jumps through a tire, which helps to build her control of movement. The hardest challenge for Hunny was the ramps, which help dogs with body coordination and balance.

Lindy Bazan of Los Angeles brought her dog Dolly, who she rescued, to the Zoom Room. Dolly was wearing a brace on her left front paw after a recent surgery.

"It's absolutely helpful, really good to build her confidence since the surgeries and to get her a little more socialized," Bazan said.

Mark Van Wye said the classes also help build relationships between owners and their dogs.

"It really improves communication," he said.

Another Zoom Room will be opening in West Hollywood, featuring more classes like canine cross training and pup-lates, which are stretching class for owners and their dogs.

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