Cool Kid lends heart to special needs kids

CARSON, Calif. Lavin has been helping special needs kids for much of the last six years. He sees something in them that others often don't see.

"They all have that inner light inside of them. Whether it's a smile or laugh or some fun thing they enjoy doing all the time. They're normal kids. It's such a joy being with them," said Lavin.

Lavin volunteers at Valley Beth Shalom, making sure these kids get all that is available to them.

"They feel that feeling that everyone gets to feel and they should be able to feel that feeling. And by us helping them out, it helps them to achieve that," Lavin said.

In a group of people willing to help, Lavin stands out.

"Arye, for whatever reason, stands out as one of the most unique volunteers. He's so patient, so kind. No matter what, he's always warm with everyone he comes in contact with," said Amy Mendelsohn, an Our Space teacher.

Lavin is their teacher, their friend and their cheerleader.

"I want these kids to succeed and be able to do what they can do. It's nice to help them," Lavin said.

Lavin sees what these kids can do and is there to help them do it all. That makes him our /*Cool Kid*/.

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