Cast: 'Inception' will take you on wild ride

LOS ANGELES "He's a visionary and a perfect person to attempt something like this," said actor /*Leonardo DiCaprio*/.

DiCaprio has high praise for the director of his new film, "Inception." The film digs deep into the human psyche, quite literally, into our dreams.

Director /*Christopher Nolan*/ said this movie allowed him to shoot for his highest aspiration of a Hollywood blockbuster. He wanted to create a world you haven't seen before.

"I've done sequels, remakes and all kind of movies," said Nolan. "I don't think original is inherently better or worse. But I think each time you make a film you want to try to do something surprising, that isn't entirely familiar for an audience."

"It's a mysterious movie," said actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. "It doesn't tell you what to think and feel at all times. It is fun because it keeps you guessing, from beginning to very last frame."

If that seems like double speak for what could also been seen as confusing, you may be right. Nolan says not to think too hard.

"What I hope for in 'Inception' is that people won't feel they need to analyze the film as they watch it," said Nolan. "After the movie has finished, after you have experienced the ride, then if you want to analyze it, there are layers there, things there, but primarily its escapism and entertainment."

"Inception" is rated PG-13 and is in theaters Friday.

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