Dangerously hot weather continues in Southland

PASADENA, Calif. The rising temperature didn't stop those who wanted to get their morning exercise at the Rose Bowl.

In addition to the temps, the humidity level is also on the rise. The combination of the two makes the heat seem more intense.

Many came out to the Rose Bowl before sunrise to walk or jog before the temperatures soared toward triple digits.

The extreme heat can cause serious illness. It's important to wear a hat, use sunscreen, keep hydrated and do other things to protect yourself.

Many areas of Southern California is under extreme heat warnings again, and if you plan on being outdoors, morning and evening are the best times.

"Thursday, I came after almost 8 o'clock at night, because I tried running after 5 after work on Wednesday, and I nearly collapsed. I couldn't do my normal two loops around. It was hard for me to breathe. It was that humid," said runner Liz Woo.

"I just cut back on how much I do and make sure I'm really hydrated, drinking every 15 minutes, regardless of if I'm thirsty or not," said tri-athlete Gary Burnett.

Tips to beat the heat:

  • Wear light, loose-fitting clothing with long sleeves and a wide-brimmed hat.
  • Drink water or sports drinks often and avoid alcohol.
  • Stay in air conditioned areas.
  • Avoid unnecessary exertion during peak sun hours.

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