New Civic Park breaks ground in downtown L.A.

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES "This lush, green park promises to be an urban oasis where people can picnic, walk around at lunch time, bring their families and congregate for special events," said Eli Broad, a philanthropist with the project.

The /*Civic Park*/ is part of the /*Grand Avenue project*/. It will connect the music center to City Hall.

Housing with 2,600 units and a five-star hotel will be built nearby.

The money to build the park, $56 million, is already in the bank. The developer put up $50 million from money raised on pre-paid rent for future facilities.

For those who work in downtown Los Angeles, it is long overdue.

"I think that's what many cities miss, a green space and a public place that brings people together," said Eduardo Garcia who works downtown.

"It's already started with the trees so I think it'll be a beautiful addition to this place," said Nina Brooks, who also works downtown. "It's very beautiful."

Two years from today, on what may be another hot July morning, the fountain will be turned on again, marking the opening of the new Civic Park.

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