Lindsay Lohan scheduled to go to jail Tuesday

LOS ANGELES Celebrity website TMZ reports her new attorney, /*Robert Shapiro*/, is no longer representing /*Lohan*/.

It is still unknown why he left the case, but Shapiro had said he would only represent the actress if she agreed to jail and followed his instructions.

Eyewitness News has learned Lohan's previous attorney, Shawn Chapman Holly, has not signed substitution of council papers, and therefore it's not clear whether Holly or any other attorney will be representing Lohan in court tomorrow.

ABC News legal analyst Dana Cole said that at this point it won't matter either way.

"When you have a surrender date to the court to go into custody whether you have your lawyer there, whether you don't have your lawyer there, it doesn't matter," Cole said. "There's nothing a lawyer can do. You're just there to have the bracelets put on you and you're taken through the side door into custody."

Lohan checked herself into rehab last Thursday at the /*Pickford Lofts*/ sober living community in Los Angeles, which is owned by Shapiro, likely hoping Judge Marsha Revel would cut her some slack.

"I think as time went on over the weekend, the sense was that would never happened," Cole said. "The judge is not going to back down, she's going to have to go to jail."

On Monday, Lohan's assistant was seen leaving the rehab facility carrying baggage. It appears Lohan herself is trying to adapt to the idea of serving time.

On Monday evening, Lohan posted this message on /*Twitter*/: "the only 'bookings' that i'm familiar with are /*Disney*/ Films, never thought that i'd be 'booking' into Jail... eeeks."

Lohan is set to begin serving her 90-day sentence for probation violation on Tuesda at the /*Century Regional Detention Facility*/ in Lynwood.

"She will be known as a keep-away," said /*Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department*/ spokesman Steve Whitmore. "That means she will not be with the general population. She'll be in a module where there will be other keep-aways and they are in individual cells."

And as with any celebrity, security at the jail will be extremely tight.

"Primarily because the Sheriff's department will be extremely concerned that a Sheriff's employee might walk by her cell and snap a cell phone picture of her and sell it on the open market for a fortune of money," Cole said.

Legal experts said Lohan may serve only 45 days, possibly only two to three weeks in jail.

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