Homeless women get Glamour Project makeovers

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES In about 15 minutes, makeup artist Evvy Shapero is able to bring out what these women already have, but hadn't seen in a while: their glamorous side.

From Shapero, it's then on to Kara Fox for their photo shoot. The before-and after-photos show the transformation.

Fox and Shapero founded /*Glamour Project*/. Tuesday, they worked with women at the /*Downtown Women's Center*/ near /*Skid Row*/. The two bring their talents to women's shelters throughout Southern California.

They witness firsthand what a little makeup, tender loving care and some accessories can do to boost the women's self-esteem and regain their confidence.

"I think more so than the makeup, it's the sparkle in the eye, and the smile," said Shapero. "So much of it is the attention we give the women."

"We're not making a huge, major change, but we're putting the women in touch with something in a very gentle way that they can carry out of our Glamour Project photo session, in respect to them feeling good about themselves, a little better about themselves," said Fox.

The Downtown Women's Center has been helping homeless women get back on their feet in the Skid Row area for more than 30 years.

"Providing the service really shows that people do care about them, and I think that recognition lasts a long time," said Lisa Watson, executive director of the Downtown Women's Center. "It's not just for the moment."

Lisa Curtis's smile says it all. She lost her job and home. She said she's forgotten what it felt like to look so good.

"It makes me feel really good, and I'm -- for 55 years old -- this looks good," said Curtis. "Confident. Yeah."

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