Simi Valley warned of Apple-purchase thefts

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. Police have dubbed these suspects the "Follow-Away" vehicle burglars because they are apparently watching and following Apple customers as they leave the store with expensive purchases.

The suspects watch and follow the customers get in their cars and take off to a different location. Some customers who have stopped at another location and left the Apple items in their vehicle have returned to find their car burglarized and their purchases stolen.

These "follow-away" thefts have occurred in the parking lots of various retail establishments as well as residential areas.

Simi Valley Police officials advise residents not to leave computers or any valuables in plain view and unattended in their vehicles at any time. They describe these burglaries as crimes of opportunity and said vigilant citizens who guard their property will greatly reduce the chance of being victimized.

If you have any information about these crimes, you're urged to call the /* at (805) 583-6950.

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