Bell seeks resignations of top 3 officials

BELL, Calif. The Los Angeles Times reports that negotiations are underway seeking the resignations of City Manager Robert Rizzo, Police Chief Randy Adams and Assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia.

If 55-year-old Rizzo steps down, he gets a pension of at least $600,000 a year for life. It would make him the highest paid retiree in the state's /*CalPERS*/ retirement system.

On Monday, hundreds of angry residents attended the council meeting after reports emerged about the extravagant salaries city officials were making in the blue-collar city of 37,000 people.

A typical salary for a city manager for a town the size of Bell is around $100,000 per year. Rizzo earns $780,000.

Yearly, Adams, who was retired from the /*Glendale Police Department*/, earns $475,000, while Spaccia makes $375,000 and some city council members make $100,000 in their part-time positions.

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