Classroom rap leads to higher test scores

LOS ANGELES After being told that his way of teaching was boring, LaMar Queen needed to figure out a way to get his students excited about math.

His students told him a couple of years ago he looked like rapper Kanye West and challenged him to rap. So during class now he goes from Mr. Queen to Mr. Q-U-E.

"I put definitions in the songs, examples of problems in the songs, and just the steps to solve them," said Queen. "So they sing the song in their heads on the day of the test and their scores go up."

His current stage is his classroom at Los Angeles Academy Middle School.

"I think it is fun because Mr. Queen is showing us his music," said student Delmy Rivera. "He's rapping for us. I think that's nice. Kids can learn to study math and to do their homework."

"We understand more of what he's saying," said student Alfredo Ascencio. "We understand the lyrics, we understand the math. So it's fun."

Queen is seeing a big difference in their grades.

"I went from a B to an A," said Ascencio.

"I have kids go from Cs and Ds to Bs and As just based off of the music," said Queen.

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