Publicist: Gabor is in critical condition

LOS ANGELES Blanchette says that he spoke to Gabor's husband, /*Prince Frederic von Anhalt*/, on Thursday and was told he was very worried about the actress because she was not responding to human contact.

Von Anhalt says that his wife "was bleeding excessively" and was not responding to surgery.

Blanchette says that he has not yet spoken to her doctor to confirm her condition. He says the actress had been heavily sedated.

"She hasn't talked. She wasn't speaking. They were worried about that. They took her off morphine to see if that might be the cause," Blanchette said. "She's vacant."

Meanwhile, Gabor's daughter says that her mother is not in critical condition.

"My mother /*Zsa Zsa Gabor*/ is in guarded condition, is not in a coma, is talking and is adjusting to the medications and healing process," Constance Francesca Hilton said in a statement. "There are no surprises and I am with her now."

Hilton's comments appeared to be in contrast with the reports coming from von Anhalt. He has not been available for comment or clarification on the situation.

The Hungarian-born actress broke her hip on Saturday when she tumbled out of bed while watching television when she tried to answer a telephone at her Bel-Air home.

She underwent three hours of surgery Monday at /*Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center*/.

Gabor has had to use a wheelchair after being partially paralyzed in a 2002 car accident.

The Hungarian-born actress, the middle of three sisters, is the only surviving sibling. Magda, who was the oldest, died in 1997 at age 82, and Eva, the youngest, died in 1995 at age 76.

Gabor appeared in dozens of films in the 1950s and 1960s, including the Orson Welles 1958 classic "A Touch of Evil."

City News Service and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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