Comic-Con brings fictional characters to life

SAN DIEGO A character from "The Little Mermaid," a really creepy joker, a 6-foot-10-inch pirate and a human-sized sock monkey are just a few among the thousands of fans attending the 2010 /*Comic-Con*/.

For some, it's a fun dress-up day without any judgment because everyone is a fan.

"Growing up as a geek, I usually got picked on, but now this is our realm," said San Francisco resident Michael Bachman.

A San Diego resident dressed up as Captain America said thousands of people have come up to him for pictures.

"It's just people who are brought together by a common love of entertainment and comic books and it's a great time," said Lisa Gregorian of Warner Brothers Television.

Movies are a major part of Comic-Con and big names like Eva Mendes and Seth Rogen made it a point to join the festivities.

Comic-Con runs through Sunday.

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