Believers gather to see 'crying' Mary statue

GLENDALE, Calif. Some become emotional over a statue of Mary. In the Armenian Catholic community, she's Maryam.

Since last Monday, people from Glendale, and as far away as Pasadena and Montebello, have come to pray to her.

According to the homeowner, Ana Hid, who said she's a deeply religious woman, the statue started to shine, it felt oily.

"She was shining," Hid said. "I grabbed the statue, and my hand, it was all oily."

Word got out, and some admit they were curious to see what was going on inside.

"What I see is people filled with hope," said Rosie Rizo of Los Angeles. "I think there are a lot of families asking for help in different aspects of their lives, and are praying for a better today and a better tomorrow."

When people arrived at the humble home on Tuesday, some were skeptical, some were very religious. When some came out of the house, they said they felt something had happened to them.

"It's a blessing," said Micha Abounassar of Glendale. "It's a strong bond that unites us all, no matter who we are, where we are, where we come from. We are all the same."

When the visitors are told that there's probably a scientific explanation for what's happening, some will agree to a point

"Look at (how many) cars," said neighbor Kerop Jabourian, motioning to the street. "Believe me, I've never seen this here in 40 years."

According to representatives from both the Armenian community and /*Catholic Church*/, they haven't given this their blessing as an apparition, but they both pointed to the message being made: this is bringing neighbors closer in prayer.

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