'Get Low' stars say movie almost wasn't made

LOS ANGELES /*Duvall*/ plays Felix Bush, a man who wants to be at his own funeral -- while he's still alive. Bush has lived in solitude with a secret for 40 years.

Due to local legend, he's feared by townspeople who have heard plenty of tales, just not the one he plans to tell at his own funeral.

"It's kind of like films I once read about, the 10 best films each year that never get made," Duvall said. "Sometimes they don't get made, but fortunately, we got this made. It took a while. Sometimes to raise $7 million is more difficult than to raise $100 million."

It took eight years to get the money needed to make "/*Get Low*/."

The film tackles serious drama, light comedy and redemption.

"You know, more movies like this should be made because it really does send a great message to the world and hopefully inspire people to live better lives," Black said.

"If you enjoyed the way your grandfather used to tell you stories when you were a kid, you'll enjoy 'Get Low,'" said the film's director, /*Aaron Schneider*/.

The people behind "Get Low" hope moviegoers will get behind a film that isn't about big action, special effects or movie magic, and go for "story" instead.

"Great stories aren't born that way and I think just the fact that this is an original immediately sets it apart from most of what's available," said producer Dean Zanuck.

Co-star /*Sissy Spacek*/ is also a fan of this unlikely summer indie movie.

"We hope people go pick up their car keys, put it in the engine, drive to the movie theatre and see the movie," Spacek said.

"Get Low" is rated PG. It opens on Friday, July 30.

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