Zac Efron flexes acting skills in 'Charlie'

LOS ANGELES /*Zac Efron*/ is leaving high school behind, and is starting to fill his dance card with films that will allow him to show a different side of his talent.

"What I was sort of craving inside was something that was a challenge, that was different, that might not work, like some risks," said Efron. "And that's what everything and more that this movie 'Charlie St. Cloud' is for me. It was so fun to dig deep and try something new."

Not only was he challenged by a new kind of role. Efron was also introduced to a new type of athletic endeavor.

"I was one of those guys who thought sailing would be so fun, but never had the time or resources to get out on the water and actually do it," said Efron. "I found out that sailing is one of the hardest, most challenging, also fun sports you could ever imagine."

In the film, Efron's character puts his life on hold after the death of his little brother. It's then he discovers he has an "other worldly" ability to communicate with those who have passed on and that allows his relationship with his brother to continue.

Efron's a big brother in real life, and he said it was the film's brotherly bond that hooked him with this story.

"I can tell when I read something and it's an honest depiction of a brother's relationship, and I hate when they do it the wrong way," said Efron. "But it just seemed real. I think anyone with family can relate."

"Charlie St. Cloud" also features Kim Basinger and Ray Liotta is rated PG-13.

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