L.A. cracking down on illegal supergraphic

LOS ANGELES The supergraphic is on a building facing the 10 Freeway in downtown Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Timothy Murphy ruled on Wednesday that Big Image, LLC and property owner Star Olympic Real Estate Inc. must remove the supergraphic sign at 2555 E. Olympic Blvd. by August 5.

The commissioner also told them they cannot display another sign until a criminal case related to the sign is resolved. Murphy said the sign will be allowed to remain only if the defendants each pay a $1 million bond.

The City Attorney's Office accuses the defendants of illegally maintaining a supergraphic sign that exceeds the limits of state law.

If convicted on all counts in the criminal complaint, each individual defendant could face up to six years in jail, and all defendants could face $45,000 in fines and penalty assessments, city prosecutors said.

The City of Los Angeles adopted a permanent ban on supergraphic signs in August 2009.

City News Service contributed to this report.

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