DUI check points crack down on offenders

LOS ANGELES Officers checked for valid drivers' licenses as well as /*DUI*/ suspects at a checkpoint on Cahuenga Boulevard Saturday night, but they say the main focus is on drivers under the influence.

In recent weeks, suspected drunk drivers killed two people in /*Malibu*/ and a grandmother in /*Reseda*/.

Police say the weekend checkpoints are working.

"At any given checkpoint, we probably stop and talk to 800 or 900 motorists, and we end up arresting at least eight or nine for DUI. So we are getting the word out to a lot of people that drinking and driving is not okay," said LAPD Lt. Ron Katano.

The /*LAPD*/ is one of many law enforcement agencies toughening their anti-DUI efforts this summer.

In Huntington Beach, police want to post the names of drunken driving arrestees on their public website.

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