Dog BFFs looking for a home to stay together

AUGORA HILLS, Calif. They were spared of doggie death row, but finding a home for them has been a challenge.

Laurie Bernie, who founded LIFE Animal Rescue, says Brownie bonds better with women than men and isn't fond of children. Hampton has juvenile cataracts and can hardly see.

"He still bumps into things," Bernie says. "When we brought him into the rescue, he got a friend in Brownie. He's kind of his guide dog."

Hampton appears a little lost until Brownie takes the lead. The K-9 comrades were recently adopted together to keep their friendship intact, but they're back in Bernie's care after their owner was diagnosed with cancer.

"We're heartbroken for them and for her," Bernie says. "Now we're looking for a home for them again and it would be great if they could stay together."

Bernie says she would consider separating them if two loving owners came along.

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