New men's shape wear helps streamline figure

LOS ANGELES The latest trend in men's fashion is the core compression T-shirt, or if you like, man's girdle, or, 'mirdle' for short.

"Women are braver than men. Guys are kind of covert about looking after themselves. We all do it," said Michael Flint of Equmen.

Equmen is known as the 'Ferrari' of men's underwear, and their Core Precision Undershirts have advanced, seamless construction that follows body contours, adding reinforcement where a man needs some extra support.

Not only do Equmen garments provide quick, cosmetic improvements, the company claims there are health benefits as well.

Flint claims that the modern shirts help with posture by gently pulling the shoulders back and taking pressure off the lower back area.

"It compresses the core in areas that are a little sensitive to men through the love handles and belly, and it helps control your body temperature by wicking away moisture," said Flint.

There's also RIPT FUSION shape wear, or as founder and president Heather Thomson calls her product, "a T-shirt on steroids."

RITP FUSION shirts are basically comfortable, stretchy shirts with a panel of compression fabric designed to reign in love handles.

Several men who tried it said they all liked what they saw.

"I'm 53 years old. I feel like 18 now with this at 53. Look at me go," said Glendale resident Jack Dorian after trying on a RIPT FUSION white shirt. "It feels like somebody's really holding me in. It's awesome."

Spanx for women is extremely popular, and now the makers provide Spanx for men.

One La Crescenta resident was hesitant to try the Spanx at first, especially with the nickname given to the men's undergarments.

"Mirdle? That's clever," he said.

After slipping the black Spanx compression garment on, he admitted it was super tight, but it squeezed him in all the right places, giving the shirt two thumbs up.

So how do women feel about the arrival of these special shirts?

"You know, it's about time. Women have been doing it for years. We wear the undergarments. We wear the makeup. We care about how we look, and everybody needs a little help," said Valencia resident Kristina.

"It's expected that we all look after ourselves and eat better and exercise regularly, so generally I think society wants us to be our best," said Flint.

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