Showdown: Norco vs. Bob's Big Boy statue

NORCO, Calif. Norco calls itself Horsetown USA. The theme is everywhere. So when a cowboy version of the iconic Bob's Big Boy was put up, it was a double decker hit.

So why not one more? There are already three Bob's at the location.

"If we got a cowboy Bob for the roof, would we then have four Bobs?" said Norco Councilwoman Kathy Azevedo. "It seems like that would be a little excessive."

The ownership likes having just one cowboy Bob that greets customers.

"It makes him unique," said Charyle Trujillo, the restaurant's general manager. "It makes him one of a kind. That was the point of it. The mold was to be broken and there wasn't going to be anymore."

When you talk to customers about the Horsetown USA Bob, they love it. But is one enough?

"I believe one's enough," said Ruben Rasso of Riverside. "I think that any more than that would be overdoing it."

"I'd love to see it on top of the building, too," said Norco resident Vernon Shoemaker. "It'd be wonderful. The whole town is excited about it."

For another cowboy Bob to be placed, it comes down to dollars and cents.

The city and owners of the restaurant don't have the money to pay for another one, and as some customers have indicated, it doesn't make much horse sense to put up another statue.

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