L.A. middle school gets Disney makeover

LOS ANGELES It plays the part of a high school. John Burroughs opened in 1924, and now it has a facelift, thanks to /*Disney*/.

The front facade was restored to its original grandeur, with a fresh coat of paint, along with some stone and brick work. It was all approved by the /*Hancock Park Historical Society*/.

The movie's director says the school spoke to him.

"Its beauty speaks for itself," Joe Nussbaum said. "The outside is unique, the inside is beautiful. The architecture, colors, was exactly the look we were going for and it feels good to make it even prettier."

"It's a small, but concrete example of how it can be good for L.A. to shoot for communities," said producer Justin Springer. "I think movie productions get a bad rap, but we came here and saw the facade of the school and knew immediately this was the look for our school in this movie because it had such a history."

"I want to say we have worked in collaboration and this is the wonderful thing that can happen when we all work together as a family to provide best for students and the community," said the school's principal, Dr. Steve Martinez.

Disney is the parent company of ABC7.

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