Cast: 'Step Up 3D' is a unique experience

LOS ANGELES Two very different dance groups are pitted against one another in a high stakes dance off in the energetic new "Step Up 3D."

If it looks like these talented cast members are having a good time on screen it's no act.

"We were having so much fun shooting this movie," said actress Sharni Vinson. "It really was the time of our lives and we were just hoping back then that that fun would translate on camera and that's why you're seeing that family connection."

"It still hasn't hit fully," said actor Rick Malambri. "I'm sitting here pinching myself, 'Am I dreaming?' You don't realize what you've been given, this amazing opportunity to do something so great and put together such a special thing."

Director John Chu is the man who put this unique 3D experience together. He searched the country for the best dancers he could find.

"You know this is like the NBA All Stars of dancers and so that top tier when you're just looking for that, I feel like it's a lot easier then trying to find the middle ground," said Chu. "You're just looking for the best, the ones that blow your mind out of the water."

Chu not only wants to blow your mind, he also wants to get a vocal reaction from his audiences.

"Yea, that's the reason why I got into movies. When I watched 'Lion King' for the first time when I was a kid and people were cheering for Mufasa and booing at Scar, I remember looking around and wanting to make movies like this," said Chu. "This is how movies should be. So when we have a reaction like that with 'Step Up 3D' and people are hissing and cheering, standing up and dancing at the end that's all we can ask for."

"Step Up 3D" also features music by Flo Rida, T-Pain, and Jazmine Sullivan. It's rated PG-13 and is in theaters Friday.

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