Porn transitions online in 'Middle Men' film


"It's a very dark movie," said "Middle Men" director George Gallo. "A lot of people get killed, there's a lot of craziness, a lot of chaos and in the end, it's a funny story because it's unbelievable that it actually happened."

"Middle Men" takes us back to 1995, when two very smart and very troubled men invented a way to buy X-rated entertainment over the Internet.

"It's really about the American dream and about how these guys who were, you know, essentially drug addicts in the middle of the Valley became, literally, overnight millionaires," said co-star Giovanni Ribisi.

"Well, there's tons of violence, there's corruption, there's, you know, a lot of grit and there's a lot of hope in it," said co-star Gabriel Macht.

"It's very intense at times and a thrill ride from beginning to end, but there are some, nutty, ridiculous, funny moments, too," said actor Kevin Pollak.

In the end, Internet pornography has drastically changed the industry.

"It's seriously putting companies out of business," said actor and adult-film star Ron Jeremy. "I'm not that involved as I was before in adult, but i'm seeing what it's doing to my friends, you know?"

Middle Men also stars Luke Wilson and Jacinda Barrett. It opens Friday.

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