Review: 'Other Guys' is hilariously funny

LOS ANGELES In "The Other Guys," /*Mark Wahlberg*/ and /*Will Ferrell*/ play unlikely partners on the NYPD.

/*Samuel L. Jackson*/ and /*Dwayne Johnson*/ take on small roles of playing the stars of the department.

They love being the heroes. Leaving their co-workers to all just be "The Other Guys."

Jackson and Johnson are very funny in their over-the-top scenes. And /*Michael Keaton*/ is a kick as the frustrated head of the department.

"The Other Guys" is sometimes silly, sometimes a little stupid and I'm good with that because it made me laugh out loud on several occasions.

This is classic Ferrell having fun. But Mark Wahlberg, as the straight guy, also manages to pull of some laughs, especially when it comes to his partner's wife -- played by a very sexy /*Eva Mendes*/.

"The Other Guys" plays out like an action film on laughing gas. It wouldn't work if you didn't like these guys. But you do.

Ferrell brings an innocent boyishness to his role and Wahlberg shows that, despite his sometimes tough exterior, there's a little of the ridiculous in him too.

That scene pretty much lets you know what you're in for if you go. Surprisingly, there is a big message in this movie and it plays out loud and clear, but not until the end credits. So stay seated. If you go, I think you'll smile, laugh and have a little fun. I sure did.

"The Other Guys" is in theaters this weekend.

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