Angry Bell residents demand more resignations

BELL, Calif. For example, the Director of Administrative Services makes $422, 707, the Director of General Services makes $421, 402, the Director of Community Services makes $273, 542, the Deputy Engineer makes $247, 573 and the Business Development Coordinator makes $195, 627.

This new salary information was fuel for the fire of distress brewing among /*Bell*/ residents at a news conference on Friday. Interim City Manager Pedro Carrillo was interrupted several times as he tried to explain his efforts to reform City Hall.

"Our main purpose is to make certain that good, bad or ugly, we report to the public what the city has done and hasn't done and that we institute best practices," said Carrillo.

Former City Manager Robert Rizzo who earned $800,000 and Bell Police Chief Randy Adams who earned $450,000 resigned in July amidst public outrage over their salaries.

In the wake of the Bell scandal, the Los Angeles City Controller is ordering the salaries of virtually all Los Angeles city employees posted online starting now.

For example, the airport's general manager makes $326,855 per year while the L.A. Convention Center's general manager pulls in $184,098.

At the other end of the spectrum, the lowest paid police officer makes $45,226.

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