2 people missing near where Malibu bones found

LINCOLN HEIGHTS, LOS ANGELES The location is not far from where /*Mitrice Richardson*/ went missing in September 2009. The coroner says it's too early to tell whose remains they are.

The coroner's office said that they are still waiting on a forensic anthropologist to come and take a look at the bones in order to determine if they are a man or a woman.

Speculation continued Tuesday if the remains are Richardson. Richardson's mother said it appears to be the most credible lead so far about her missing daughter.

L.A. County Sheriff's investigators spent another day combing through a steep canyon in /*Malibu Creek State Park*/, the site where skull and bones were found Monday.

Park rangers stumbled upon the remains as they surveyed an eradicated marijuana farm. Within hours, two families had raced to the scene to see if the body belonged to their missing loved one.

Pam Perryman says her husband, /*Timothy Perryman*/, disappeared six years ago.

"I just tried to figure out where would a person go on foot from our house, and he liked hiking and he liked the hills," said Perryman. "And he was upset, and that's where he would go if he was upset, you know."

But the family of Mitrice Richardson is also on edge. Mitrice, 25, vanished after being arrested and held at the Malibu/Lost Hills sheriff's station last fall. The remains are located about 20 miles from the station and about two and a half miles away from where she was last seen by a local resident.

"I want more than anybody else for Mitrice to be alive, but I'm not naive enough to believe that she may not come out of this alive," said Latice Sutton, Mitrice's mother.

A few weeks ago, sheriff's officials announced an old friend spotted Richardson in Las Vegas, a claim Sutton found hard to believe.

"One thing I do know in my gut and as a mother who has nurtured Mitrice since she was born is she is not running around in Las Vegas," said Sutton. "That I do know."

For now, coroner's officials will be spending the next week examining the bones they recovered to see if there is any connection to these two missing-persons cases.

The coroner will officially examine and positively identify the remains by using dental records, and expect to complete the exam by the end of the week.

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