Judge to announce Prop. 8 stay ruling

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. As the fate of /*gay marriage*/ lies in the hands of the appeals process, people like Reverend Dr. Neil Thomas on Wednesday night eagerly awaited another more immediate decision: whether last week's ruling on /*Prop. 8*/ will allow people in his congregation to get married soon.

"I've already got e-mails in the last few days asking if I would be willing to perform their wedding," Thomas said. I'm looking forward to it. One couple in my congregation are about to celebrate their 30th anniversary, and on that 30th anniversary I hope to God to marry them legally."

Thomas is the senior pastor of the /*Metropolitan Community Church of Los Angeles*/, one of the few Christian organizations that welcome people of all sexual orientations.

Last week when Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker overturned California's voter-approved same-sex marriage ban, Thomas' church hoped to immediately continue what took place before Prop. 8 was passed in 2008.

"The fact of the matter is 18,000 marriage couples are already here in California, the sky hasn't caved in," Thomas said. "It doesn't affect anybody else's marriage, and so why shouldn't same-gender couples have the same rights to marry?"

But traditional-marriage supporters want Prop. 8 to stand during the appeals process. Netz Gomez hosts Good News for the Family on FM 90.3.

Gomez said his side is prepared to take this to the /*U.S. Supreme Court*/.

Gov. /*Arnold Schwarzenegger*/ and Atty. Gen. /*Jerry Brown*/ were the first to urge gay marriages to resume following last week's ruling, but it will be up to judge walker.

He's allowed both sides to submit written arguments and he will announce his decision by Thursday.

If the judge allows gay marriages to resume, Prop. 8 supporters can appeal that decision.

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