Review: 'Eat, Pray, Love' feels too long

LOS ANGELES I didn't read the book, so I had no expectations going in. I let the movie, as it should, stand on its own. But did it? Not always.

The "eat" in "/*Eat Pray Love*/" happens in Italy, the "pray" in India, and the "love" in Bali.

Roberts plays a woman unhappy with her current life situation so she takes a year to travel and figure out who she really is.

Italy is her first stop... and it's fun, believable and hunger-inducing!

Her next stop is an ashram in India. This is the "pray" portion, and it bored me. I just didn't believe she'd be the type to pray to a guru.

/*Richard Jenkins*/ is her co-star during this time in the film, and while he's good, his storyline just overpowers her journey and I lost interest.

Next is the power of love with /*Javier Bardem*/.

He's great as a guy ready to start over. But is she? The storyline here plays out dramatically and romantically, and it's very compelling.

There's also an old medicine man in Bali who brings some real joy to the screen, even if he's often a little difficult to understand.

The film's music adds some really nice touches throughout. But the film itself, at two hours and 13 minutes when the credits begin to roll, just feels too long.

There are some fine performances in supporting roles, including /*Viola Davis*/ and /*Billy Crudup*/. Overall, I didn't love it, I didn't hate it, and I still don't want to read the book.

"Eat Pray Love" is rated PG-13.

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