Wrestling stars help kids at local library

LINCOLN HEIGHTS, Calif. "They see us on TV week in and week out and they actually look at us living, breathing super heroes, so our opinion does weigh in more than some other people's might, and to me, I think with great power comes with great responsibility," said WWE star Matt Hardy.

"I was told by my parents, 'You can dance, you can do entertainment, but you study just as much.' So I wasn't really allowed to do anything unless I got good grades and studies, and I'm really glad that my parents taught me to do that," said WWE star Diva Layla.

Hardy and Layla got a grand welcome at the Lincoln Heights Library where hundreds of children and their parents gathered for the Summer Slam Reading Rally.

Kids who brought their library cards received the WWE stars' autographs.

They say their objective is to inspire young minds.

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