Same-sex marriage delays affecting business

LOS ANGELES Photographer Jason Whitman had been looking forward to the extra business. Now he'll just have to hope for a quick decision in the appeal case. "I presume as soon as this becomes legal I'll start getting the calls," he said.

On August 4, 9th U.S. Circuit Court Judge Vaughn Walker ruled California's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage, known as Proposition 8, unconstitutional. He issued a six-day stay which allowed the appeals court to review his ruling before the law would be struck down allowing same-sex marriages to commence. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling Monday extending the stay until the federal appeals case, which will begin as early as December, has been decided.

While opponents of Proposition 8 have been disappointed by the ruling, many saw it coming and still have hope for the future of same-sex marriage.

"Hopefully one day it will end and gay people need to have civil rights," said Donald Elmblad, a West Hollywood resident.

But supporters of the ban see the ruling as a small victory in their fight to uphold Proposition 8.

"We are thrilled with the 9th Circuit's decision and we really feel it favors the vote of the people," said Dr. Laverne Tolbert of the group Protect Marriage.

The appeal case has been fast-tracked to begin as early as this December but is expected to take at least three months to be decided. The losing side will then likely submit the case to be considered by the U.S. Supreme Court.

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