Car crashes into home; 7 injured, 3 critically

SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, Calif. Police said it happened about 7:30 p.m. The aftermath of the crash drew dozens of spectators to the corner of Valerio Street and Louise Avenue.

The devastation was scattered across the intersection. A tangled mass of metal, a Nissan sedan, was next to a Dodge pickup, and another parked vehicle was smashed into the home's garage.

"So far we know that about five people were transported to various hospitals with a variety of injuries," said /*Los Angeles Police Department*/ Sgt. Don Kelly.

The driver of the Nissan was heading north on Louise Avenue when she collided with the pickup truck. They both hit a telephone pole and then smashed into a front yard.

"I saw a telephone pole flying through the air, still being connected with all the wires, and I said, oh my God, what hit that?" said Carl Jappe, who witnessed it. "I saw a blur of a car going by at the same time."

Neighbors said the homeowners were not home.

Kathleen Brown said that accidents are nothing new along the stretch of roadway.

"I'd be devastated if that was my house and I came home from vacation or had just been out to dinner," Brown said. "I've lived on this street since 1978 and I wake up in the middle of the night hearing motorcycles racing and cars, and each year it seems like it happens more."

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