'LOST' fans can now own a piece of the show

SANTA MONICA, Calif. After six years of island drama, flashbacks, flash forwards, and flash sideways, the show ended its run in May. But this weekend, die-hard Dharma followers will be able to celebrate their favorite show by attending a giant fan-friendly event.

There's also the opportunity to buy pieces of the show -- from drinking glasses to eyeglasses, a lucky lottery ticket and sparkling diamond rings -- at "LOST: The Official Show Auction and Exhibit" at the Barker Hangar located in the Santa Monica Airport.

Joseph Maddalena from Profiles in History worked with ABC in compiling the almost 1,100 items that will be put up for auction. The items are varied in size, scale and price.

"This was the celebration of 6 years of a great TV show, so I estimated this stuff very low because we want everybody to get something. Some things will sell for a lot and I want people to walk away with something that's meaningful to them," said Maddalena.

Maybe it's a costume worn by your favorite character? Or if you're thinking big, you can purchase the classic VW van.

"We have people coming in from 32 countries," said Maddalena. "People from all over the world, just people who love the show."

If you want to attend the auction, you can buy tickets ahead of time for $42.

Along with the auction, the Barker Hangar event will feature photo opportunities, cast member surprises, a costume contest, and a sneak peek at the bonus material on the upcoming season six DVD/Blu-ray.

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