SoCal residents coping with intense heat

LOMA LINDA, Calif. Officials said cooling centers would be open until Thursday throughout the area but many residents were preparing on their own.

"I'm going to stand in the shade and go to school and stand in the air conditioner," said Billy Lifshin, who was on his way to school Monday morning.

Authorities recommended wearing sunscreen to protect skin from the intense sunshine and keeping plenty of water on hand.

Dr. Robert Steele at Loma Linda University Hospital warned that heat exhaustion and heat stroke were real risks during weather like this.

"The most important piece of treating heat-related illnesses is to prevent heat-related illness," he said.

Some inland residents were taking this advice to heart by cooling off in Mill Creek, a popular stream and nature area in San Bernardino National Forest.

"A girlfriend called me up, she has one more day off before school and it was hot. We decided to come up to the creek and cool off," said Dana Spillane, who drove to Mill Creek from Redlands.

While Monday's heat was severe, it came amid a relatively mild summer with much cooler temperatures felt throughout the previous weeks.

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