Boxer, Fiorina spar as Nov. approaches

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES /*Boxer*/ said she is about today and creating jobs, while /*Fiorina*/ represents yesterday.

But Boxer may be in the political fight of her life. Fiorina was ahead of Boxer by five points in the last Eyewitness News poll by SurveyUSA.

"This is what I do," Boxer said. "This is what I want to do. I think this particular idea is breathtaking."

What takes Boxer's breathe away is Mayor /*Antonio Villaraigosa*/'s plan to condense 30 years of public works projects into 10 and create hundreds of thousands of jobs with projects like extending the subway toward the sea. They call it the 30-10 plan. Boxer is working for it in Congress.

But first she has to win re-election against former Hewlett Packard CEO, Fiorina, who attacked Boxer at the /*Republican Party*/'s convention over the weekend in San Diego.

"For four decades she has not earned her keep by the sweat of her brow," Fiorina said.

Boxer has been in /*Congress*/ 34 years. Fiorina proposed term limits for Congress, which would take a constitutional amendment.

"Why isn't two terms, 12 years, in the /*U.S. Senate*/ enough?" Fiorina said. "It should be."

Boxer said her opponent wants to go back in time to the policies of Republicans like /*George W. Bush*/.

"My opponent wants to go back to what put this economy in a ditch," Boxer said.

The incumbent senator had more examples to try to counter Fiorina's newness to voters.

"She wants to go back to 1972 and a woman's right to choose and reverse Roe v. Wade," Boxer said. "She wants to drill off our coast, and that is a direct attack on 388,000 jobs."

Fiorina issued a statement in response to Boxer's support of the 30-10 proposal. Fiorina said she hopes the mayor is successful in accelerating the investment. At the same time, she said that in the time Boxer has been in Washington, California has seen its return on federal tax dollars plummet.

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