Seminar teaches 'How to Be a Girl'

DOCKWEILER BEACH, Calif. A group of girls from inner city communities learned, "/*How to Be a Girl*/" at a seminar of the same name created by authors Josefa Salinas and Dr. Gilda Carle. It was held at the /*Dockweiler Beach Youth Center*/.

"Anybody can become a street fighter or be a wilting lily and run away," Carle says. "But the alternative from either fighting or fleeing is to stand up for yourself."

Having trouble with mean girls? Kanesha Murphy felt like a victim at first.

"People talked about my weight, that I'm too big," Kanesha says.

But Kanesha turned it around -- literally, as she learned to walk with her head up high.

"Now I just walk right past them," Kanesha says. "With confidence."

The walk training is also for the entrance into a college interview, and it's just one of several practical skills taught for free.

"Personal finance, social graces, the Internet," Salina says. "What should you really be doing on the Internet?"

They also learned to deal with the opposite sex.

"You don't let guys rule over you and you make your own choices even though they are begging," says Kaitlin Cowden of Lomita.

This is a first for the seminar. At some point, the creators hope to take it nationwide, as well as open it up to moms.

"Know who you are, show who you are and let everyone be proud of who you are," Carle says.

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