Woman caught on tape tossing cat in trash can

COVENTRY, England It's the video that has animal lovers on the /*Internet*/ furious. In the video, a gray-haired woman is seen petting a cat next to a trash can. Then she tosses the cat into the trash can and walks away quickly.

The footage was recorded by the cat owner's security camera and seen by thousands on the Internet. The footage led to the woman's arrest.

"I'm glad they've found her. I'm glad it's got what it's got, and she's known for what she is now," Darryl Mann, cat owner.

Lola, the 4-year-old cat, spent about 15 hours inside the trash can before she was rescued. Mann said Lola was scared but unharmed.

People have posted threatening messages aimed at the woman, but the country's Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Society says it's working with police on the investigation, urging the public to leave the matter to authorities.

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