'Avatar' back in theaters on Friday

LOS ANGELES The high flying adventures through the world of "Avatar" helped make it the highest grossing film of all time.

But there's more to the story that director James Cameron wanted to tell. So he added nine minutes to the 3-D epic.

He says they are scenes they all loved making, but had to originally cut out simply for time.

"It was a 2:40 film, nobody had ever done a 3-D film that long," said Cameron. "It was a big science experiment to see if people would be OK with a movie that long. It could have blown up in our faces. It didn't obviously, it did quite the opposite."

The new content is distributed throughout the movie, not placed in one big chunk.

We'll see things like creatures known as "Sturmbeests." And yes, we will be seeing a little more romance.

"There is a love scene in the film. It is PG-13," said Cameron. "We've added back 20 seconds, pretty much every frame we had. It is not graphic, but interesting."

Cameron has no expectations regarding additional box office from this re-release. He says the goal was just to have fun, both for him, his crew and the audience.

"It could be anything. It could be from nothing to huge. My instinct is it will be bigger than what people think because there may be a desire to end summer with one big family outing. And going back to Pandora again, with new stuff, to me that is a no-brainer. I'm gonna have to take my kids anyway."

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