Hollywood car companies beat out competition

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. Cinema Vehicle Services and Hot Rod Picture Cars are taking to heart the old axiom - if you can't beat 'em join 'em. Owners Ray Claridge and Steve Simons went into business as partners.

With business dwindling for both owners as more feature shoots move to cheaper locations outside the state, eliminating the competition seemed like the best strategy.

"There's a pie in our industry and the piece of the pie is getting smaller and we discovered it'd be better to eat that pie with one fork instead of two separate forks," said Simon.

So he called up Claridge and suggested they merge their companies. Now they are both co-presidents of Cinema Vehicles Services and they share the overhead.

With costs down and inventory soon to be trimmed, Claridge and Simons hope to supercharge their business.

"It's going to ensure jobs for his people and our people are going to be a little more secure, " said Claridge.

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