Officer-involved shooting ruled 'justified'

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. Davon Maurice Johnson, 21, was shot by San Bernardino Police Officer Marc Alvarez.

The District Attorney's Office stated that under the facts, circumstances and laws applicable to this matter, Officer Alvarez's use of deadly force was "legally justified."

The report says there was an "apparent and immediate threat of death or great bodily injury to the officer."

The incident began with a domestic disturbance call involving Johnson and his girlfriend.

The girlfriend was moving out.

The situation turned into an argument.

Witnesses say Johnson threatened the girlfriend, and then threatened a neighbor who tried to intervene.

Johnson told witnesses he was going to get a gun.

Police were called.

Officer Alvarez located Johnson.

The report says Johnson pulled up his shirt, pulled out a .22 caliber revolver, and pointed it at Alvarez.

Alvarez pulled out his own gun and fired three times.

Johnson was hit in the chest and later died.

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