Bank-robbing parolee robs same bank 3 times

RIVERSIDE, Calif. That suspect is accused in a series of robberies in Riverside, including, most recently, when he was free on bail.

Detectives say they have absolutely no idea how many times this guy has allegedly tried to rob a bank. They say they can document at least eight attempts in the past five months, and there could be even more attempts.

Riverside Police say 22-year-old Zachary Clark of Riverside has gone on a bank robbery spree over the past several months.

They say he's robbed Bank of America, Wells Fargo, two Chase branches and BBVA Compass, for a score of at least $12,000 altogether.

Clark also had at least one unsuccessful robbery attempt at a U.S. Bank branch inside a Riverside grocery story. He apparently started back on March 29.

A map of all the banks Clark is accused of robbing shows a Bank of America on Magnolia Ave., a Chase branch on Riverside Ave., then another Chase Bank on University Ave., a Wells Fargo on Van Buren Blvd., and then he apparently robbed BBVA Compass on Tyler St., not once but twice. That's when investigators followed Clark all the way to Texas, where he was arrested last month and brought back to Riverside.

But after posting bail, he apparently showed up at the BBVA Compass bank on Tyler to rob the same bank for a third time just this past Wednesday.

Perhaps his luck has run out. Riverside Police caught up with him Thursday and arrested him. Detectives say they're not sure about motive, but it's possible he was simply desperate for money in these tough economic times.

Police said he has not used a mask in any of the robberies and has not used a gun. They said he simply hands the teller a note demanding money.

If you have information related to these robberies for Riverside Police detectives, you're asked to call (951)353-7104.

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