Wife of driver slain on 105 Freeway speaks out

DOWNEY, Calif. Downey Police detectives say this was a cold-blooded, senseless killing.

"They took a wonderful person from me and from my children," said Leonela Pacheco, 26, wife of the victim. Her husband was killed in what police think was a case of "road rage."

Just after 6 p.m. Friday, Leonela says she and her husband, 28-year-old Raymond Pacheco, and their two boys, ages 3 and 4, were heading home for family movie night with her husband driving.

They transitioned onto the eastbound 105 Freeway at Lakewood Blvd. in Downey. Pacheco says another driver almost cut them off. Raymond and the other driver exchanged words. She says soon after, someone in the car pulled out a gun and fired.

"We were driving and he shot while we were driving," said Leonela. She gazed into her husband's eyes during the tense moments afterward.

"He looked in my eyes, he told me, 'I got hit,' and he grabbed himself like that, but then he looked good, you know, like it was unbelievable -- for seconds, he was -- everything happened so fast -- and he's gone now," said Leonela.

"He knew his family was there and he was able to manage to get off the freeway," said Leonela. "My son was able to see the gun. My son, if you ask him, he'll tell you, 'My daddy got shot.'"

Detectives say the shooter was in a blue 2002 or 2003 Honda Accord with chrome rims and tinted windows.

The victim's family and detectives are pleading for the public's help in catching the shooter.

"If anybody was in that freeway, 'cause I know it was a lot, and you guys have seen this car, to please call Downey Police Department," said Leonela. "He's gone and I want this person to know that you did something horrible to us, horrible, and I know you're listening to this, and I know you know that they're looking for you and you're not going to be able to hide forever."

If you have any information related to this case, you're asked to call the Downey Police Dept. at (562) 904-2308.

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