Latest trending school items for all kids

LOS ANGELES Getting a good night's sleep is very important for kids, especially during the school year.

The Sound Oasis, a sound therapy system that encourages better sleep, is a great device to help kids sleep soundly. It retails for $79.99.

Once your children are up it's time to get the lunches together.

The insulated Sachi bags are a popular choice for kids. They are both fashionable and functional.

"Kids take their lunches to school. They need to certain items cold like cheese, a drink or a turkey sandwich," said Jen Levinson of Jen's List Creator. "They have four to five hours before they eat lunch so the insulation keeps the items cool."

Insulated Sachi bags with zebra stripes or other stylish patterns sell for about $18.99.

It's not easy keeping the clothes of an active child smelling fresh, but FRESHhangers might help.

"The nice thing about the hangers is that they actually have an element of the covers that help to keep the clothes fresher six times longer than a normal hanger," said Levinson.

They retail for $12.99.

With 15,000 school backpack related injuries every year, it's time for the Airbak air-cushioned backpack.

"The neat thing about the backpack is the bottom of the base of the backpack. It has an area that you can blow up with air," said Levinson. "It pads the lower lumbar area so it takes the stress off of the back."

Not only does the Airbak help prevent back stress, kids seem to like them.

They come in several colors and retail for $49.99.

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