Website helps you find dog-friendly eateries

LOS ANGELES "I have almost 1,000 restaurants on the site now, all throughout all of the areas of Southern California," said Liz Laud, creator of

"Sometimes, you might not think that some of these nice restaurants around town welcome dogs, but they do," she said.

Whether by area code, neighborhood or type of food, users can read and post reviews, as well as post pictures of their dogs out and about town.

Alex Deary uses the site to locate places he can take his rescue Darling.

"Yesterday we were uploading a review on a place called Ugo in /*Culver City*/, and it's a very nice Italian place," he said.

Fans of the site gave great reviews to Birds Cafe in Hollywood, where pups can lounge in the shade and get fresh water refills with their doggy chicken bowls straight off the menu.

"This neighborhood is a very big dog-lover neighborhood. There are a lot of people who rescue their animals," said Mary Preston, co-owner of Birds.

Birds works closely with Dogs Without Borders and other organizations that promote dog adoption and fostering.

"The dogs on the patio make for an atmosphere where people start interacting with each other," Preston said.

Some dog owners use on Facebook and Twitter to find "paw-friendly" eateries.

Daria Kaliman of Glendale discovered Home in Silver Lake and brought her furry, black pet Sparky.

"It's perfect, it's open, the waiters are friendly, there's no hesitation with her just because she's large. It's just an overall good experience," Kaliman said.

The website covers many areas, and Old Town Pasadena gets frequent positive reviews. Some examples include Lucky Baldwin's British Pub, where sports fans can bring their dogs along to watch the big game.

Across the street, several restaurants, including Johnny Rockets, Sushi Roku and Mi Piace, all provide outdoor table space allowing humans and their pets to feast side by side.

"I've never had a dog send back their chicken and rice, so in some ways, they're the loveliest customers of all," Preston said.

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