Glendale woman robbed of life savings

GLENDALE, Calif. The two female suspects were still on the loose Thursday. They allegedly kidnapped the woman on a busy street in Glendale Wednesday after pretending to ask for directions.

They then forced her to go to the ATM at Bank of America and withdraw cash. When they saw her balance, they forced her to go to a teller inside the bank and withdraw all of her money.

The two women then took the woman back to her home and stole even more of her valuables before leaving her unharmed.

Police call these types of crime, "pigeon-drops," and said they happen quite often.

"They offered to giver her money for directions and that's what got the victim's attention," said Sgt. Tom Lorenz, Glendale Police Department. "Whereas some of these other pigeon drops that we see throughout the greater Los Angeles area - they'll go up and say, 'Hey, I've got a ticket that I've won money and I'll let you go cash it because I'm an illegal alien and I can't cash the check.'"

Police said to avoid becoming a victim, keep walking if you're approached by someone offering you money and walk assertively.

"They try to profile and identify victims they can dominate, that they can control and put the fear of God in to make them do whatever they want" said Lorenz.

The police were looking for the two female suspects Thursday. Both were described as women in their 30s. One had black curly hair and the other was heavy set with brown hair and a pony tail. They were last seen driving a silver or gray Toyota sudan.

Anyone with information was asked to call the Glendale Police at 818-507-7867.

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