Healthy eating on the set

LOS ANGELES Gary Ferraro has run Craft Services for six years. The service has fed anywhere from 200 to 10,000 people a day at any hour, day or night.

Trying to figure out what everyone wants to eat is a tall order.

"I try to describe what Gary does as like having 200 children," says Ashley Koff, a dietitian.

Ferraro sought the help of Koff, who knows sweets and high-fat food will remain, but wants to see healthier offerings.

"She is here to show me more products that I can use that are a more healthy alternative to the so-called junk food," Ferraro says.

"We have the seaweed snacks that people love and we also have the Slim Jims," Koff says. "We have CornNuts and we have hemp seeds."

These snacks are a plus for those who have long periods of downtime before they perform.

"My whole piece with this is healthier," Koff says. "By having the options, I can feel like people are able to make the better choice."

Many who use the catering service actually thank the divas, those in front of the camera, that push for better options because they have to look good.

Koff says Ferraro couldn't believe people loved the seaweed snacks.

"If those things are filled with preservatives, filled with things that will make you bloat, things that will make you tired, things that will make you crash, it's not going to be good when it's your turn to get in front of the camera," actor Matthew Humphreys says.

Koff's company, Ashley Koff Approved, specializes in scrutinizing health food products.

"A lot of times, the breaks are only 10 minutes, so you're trying to go the bathroom, check your phone, maybe get outside and also get some sort of nutrition," Koff says.

Koff reviews food and helps crafts services folks keep costs down by weeding out the likes and dislikes before they make significant purchases.

While Cap'N Crunch and Mike and Ike are still available, there are also protein bars and healthy fats, chips that whole grain and baked along with unsalted nuts and hydrating beverages without the sugar rush.

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