Hermosa Beach man sets sand-running record

HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. Adventure racer Christian Burke began running at noon on Sunday. He ran barefoot in the sand between the /*Hermosa Beach Pier*/ and the /*Manhattan Beach Pier*/, which is about a 3.5-mile loop.

Burke's goal was to help his 10-year-old daughter's school as well as other schools in Hermosa Beach. The schools are facing a $670,000 budget shortfall.

"I'm here to go through some serious pain to get the schools a little more cash," said Burke.

The pain was worth it - by the end of the grueling 24 hours, Burke raised more than $5,000 for Hermosa Beach schools.

"I just hate seeing all these programs being cut and all these teachers being cut and I thought, what could I do?" Burk said. "Something outside the box. Something people haven't seen before that can grab their attention and get them to reach into their pockets a little bit."

People are being urged to donate funds to help out. Burke's daughter also ran a few miles with her dad on Sunday.

Burke took only brief breaks to get something to eat and drink. Around 3 a.m. on Monday, he broke the world record of 62 miles of running in sand.

"We're going to miss 100 miles, but we'll get into the 80s, and I'll be pretty happy," said Burke. "I mean, 84 miles means I beat it by 22 miles, so that's a pretty good day."

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